Rachael Gemming

Ponies Plus made it the best birthday party ever! We just had a party with about 25 kids ranging between 2-9 year olds. Helen bought about 17 animals to our place and every single kid loved it. The baby goats were hilarious and everyone had plenty of pony rides. We booked for 1.5 hours and it was perfect although We could have played all day. I can see us doing this again because the petting experience was so good. Couldn’t ask for nicer people as Helen and her helpers were lovely. They bring all the equipment and even clean up so no mess at all. Would give 6 stars if that was an option!

Aimee Crisp

Thanks so much Helen and your gorgeous animal petting zoo, the children at Te Puke Kindergarten loved having you come and visit. It all went so smoothly and it was a great way to reinforce the learning we have been doing around animals this term. We hope to see you again in the future.

Linda Lalitte

Helen and her team make learning to ride such an enjoyable experience, it really is the full package, grooming, harnessing, riding and feeding the ponies are without a doubt the highlight of my daughter’s week and the fact that there is time at the end of the lesson to feed and cuddle the other animals is an added bonus, keep up the amazing work Ponies Plus!

Penny Tkaczuk

I have used ponies Plus ( before it was called that) for the last 3 years for our PORSE In Home Childcare Children’s Xmas Party. Santa comes in on the horse and cart with Helen and then the children have rides. The petting area is a highlight with the children being able to get up close and enjoy their company. I would recommend it to everybody who wants an affordable unforgettable experience. We are looking forward to adding a donkey to the mix this Xmas. Thanks Helen!

Kelly Bulloch

I used Ponies Plus for my daughters 5th birthday party, was a huge success thanks to Helen and her helpers. We had 2 donkeys, a pony, chickens, ducks, a lamb and a rabbit. Helen was very professional while keeping it fun for the kids. I loved seeing all 17 kids interact with the animals. Highly recommend Ponies Plus for any special occasion!!

Leanne Gulliver

Highly Recommend Ponies Plus! I am the Head Teacher at Amazing Place Preschool in Rotorua where Helen and her Team came to visit with their beautiful animals. Helen was very flexible and was great with communication. I wish her all the best for the future!

Michelle Wood

We have just had ponies plus come visit our childcare centre. It was such a fun, enjoyable and educational morning for all involved. I would recommend for any childcare centre or kids party. We will be making another booking in the future for sure!!!!

Mary Kirk

I am the Head Teacher at Papamoa Coast Kindergarten.

I was one of the teachers of Helen Davies two sons.  As a parent Helen was so supportive of our programme, she loves all animals and over the years she has regularly bought in lambs, calves, chickens, dogs and ponies into our Kindergarten so that children could have first hand experience in handling them and caring for them.  She has continued to do this even though her boys are now a lot older.

She is very skilled when educating the children about the animals and she does this in a very respectful, kind and a child friendly way.

Over the years Helen has bought her ponies to a number of our Kindergarten’s public events for our families.  She has supported our yearly Christmas party at Motiti Park in Papamoa.  She is always such a hit with the children and she and her ponies bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

I admire and respect Helen a great deal as she does a lot of this good work as a volunteer.

She has such a strong sense of community.

Mary Kirk