Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes, we specialise in coming to your place, or a venue of your choice.

How much are your parties?
It depends on which animals you want, and for how long.  An average party for a 2-5yr old is usually between $100 and $160.  For a 6 – 10yr old, usually between $150 and $200.

Can we come to you?
Yes, although we only have very basic facilities.  We usually find it works better at your place, especially for littlies.

We only have a small garden.  How much room do you need?
If it’s just the petting zoo, we only need about 9 square metres.  A pony or two for saddle rides needs minimum 50 square metres.  A pony and buggy needs minimum 100 square metres.  We are very adaptable and can usually find space outside your property, or even use a quiet road.

Do you charge by the child or by the hour?
We charge by the hour.  One pony can manage up to 12 rides comfortably in one hour, although we often find kids want more than one turn!

Can we ride on the beach?
Absolutely!  This is a lovely experience.  We can even give pony and buggy, or horse and cart rides on the beach.  Needs to be 2 hours either side of low tide.

I’ve heard you give donkey rides.  Or is it just ponies?
Yes, it’s true.  We have 8 ponies of various sizes, and 2 donkeys for rides.  One pony and one donkey is a popular option.

What happens if it’s raining?
We offer a postponement date, or can reduce the party to just the petting pen which can be held under cover.  No problem for money back if these options don’t work.

Do you have horses for adults to ride?
Yes, we have one horse which carries smaller adults up to 75kg, and one horse which can carry up to 90kg.

My child’s school is having a gala.  Do you come to those sorts of events?
Yes, we have attended many galas, picnics, fundraisers, markets etc.  Our animals are well socialised, and well behaved.

Is it possible to hire the horse and cart for a wedding?
Yes.  We even have a special driver who comes complete with bowler hat for the occasion.  A wedding on the beach with the horse and cart is very special.