Children’s Pony Parties, Pony Rides and Petting Zoo


Ideally situated close to the beach in beautiful Papamoa, we can easily bring the animals to a venue of your choice.

Beach rides are best 2 hours either side of low tide.  We can also bring the horse cart and pony buggies to the beach.

“Ponies Plus Ltd” (P+) is a developing lifetime ambition of Helen’s.

Growing up just outside of south-east London, she is very aware of how little exposure many children (and adults) have with animals. She is worried by this trend, and has determined to bring and share her menagerie with as many people as possible. Hence, Ponies Plus is now a mobile venture designed to travel to almost any outdoor venue.

“We love observing kids faces when they hold a rabbit for the first time, see a chook lay an egg, feed the ducks in their mobile pond, or sit on a donkey. Our animals are well socialised, and our handlers and staff are well mannered and well trained.” Helen enjoys providing work experience to children (with parental supervision) and teenagers.


Ponies and Donkeys

“Cricket” – our little ‘mum’ is well known and loved in Papamoa.  She can be ridden, or she can give buggy rides.  “Santa” calls her his “reindeer”!  She is a favourite with kindys and younger children.  She has attended
many birthday and Christmas parties, and likes ice cream and cake…  At 11, she is the matriarch of the gang, and often tries to boss the others.

“Grasshopper” – Cricket and Jasper’s daughter.  Born on the old “Pet Corner” on 1st Jan 2012, she has grown up surrounded with a variety of animals and people, and appears to love it all.  A pretty girl and she knows it.

“Jasper” – Cricket’s ‘man’.  A handsome Welsh Section A – he and Cricket produced a beautiful baby.  Jasper was born in 2011.  He loves going out in the buggy, and enjoys paddling in the waves.

“Rainbow” – a new addition to the herd.  He is new to town, but seems to love all the new experiences, and is learning to eat bananas with the others. (Skin and all!!)  All four of our smaller ponies are trained to harness.  This means they can pull buggies (a little cart) – popular with kids who do not actually want to sit on top.

“Bobbi” – the big girl.  One of the wild Kaimanawa horses from the 2010 muster, Bobbi has proved that this breed is very special.  She is good with all riders, and sometimes has 3 teenagers on board.  She also pulls a cart,
and looks gorgeous dressed up for weddings.

“Dumbledore” – the coolest donkey in town.  He was one of Helen’s five rescued donkeys in 2012, and is happy to join in with whatever’s going on. Specially if there’s carrots involved…

“Bronnie” – Dumbledore’s new lady friend.  She is on loan from Olive Love, and enjoys the visitors and the outings.


The Petting Zoo Animals

“Hagrid” – a good looking blue/grey Flemish Giant rabbit.
“Bubbles” – an exceptionally friendly girl.  Also Flemish Giant.
“Pepsi” – a lovely crossbred rabbit.
“Duck” & “Duck” – two (yes, you guessed it) ducks.  Khaki Campbells – these two love getting everybody wet.
“Marion”, “Snowy” and “Lightning” – the older chickens.
“Caramel Goodness” and “Mr Sparkles” are two very friendly pet rats.

We have a variety of other pets depending on the season.  New baby chickens etc will be around late September.  Baby goat / lamb available to bottle feed from October.